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MA-ECO CHEM d.o.o.
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2000 Maribor – Slovenija
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Reg. number: 537976
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MA-ECO CHEM - PE Kočevje
Novomeška cesta 9,
1330 Kočevje – Slovenija


MA-ECO CHEM d.o.o., MB
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Our company MA-ECO CHEM d.o.o., is engaged in production, marketing and consultancy services in the field of tribology, energy, aerosol and non-aerosol production, desinfection and special, new age cleaning agents, cleaning technology and protection. The company was founded in 1994 in Maribor. Main warehouse is located in Industry Zone Tezno – Maribor (former TAM) and the aerosol production facility in Kočevje (Industry Zone LIK – Kočevje). With our products and technology we are present mainly in the Slovenian market, but also in the European, Croatian and Serbian market and as well on the market of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Monte Negro and Makedonia. As already mentioned, we are active at following economy fields:

Tribology (special lubricants for industry, transport and trade, ...);
Energy (development and marketing of additives to improve combustion of solid and liquid fuels);

Production of aerosols and non-aerosols (filling of technical sprays and smaller packaging units, development of own brand products and filling service, and the development of new or existing products for our clients);

Disinfectans for surfaces, drinking water and enviorment (development and supply of disinfection agents for various surfaces, drinking and pool water, industrial waters and water networks and natural disinfection with the help of microorganisms in the field of animal and crop husbandry and environmental remediation);

Special, modern cleaning agents, cleaning technology and protective agents (human, animal and environment-friendly cleaning and degreasing agents, special innovative cleaning agents and cleaning technology and various protective agents for surface and for protection during welding).

In cooperation with our partners (from Germany, Austria, France and Italy) we guarantee high quality products that are the result of modern development and technology and offer an after-sales service and a consultancy service. Our efforts are therefore oriented towards finding new users and gaining new markets.

Equippment of our production facility in Kočevje, capacity and vision:

Equippment of our production facility: We are the owners of a production facility including its associated land, which is constructed in accordance with the latest requirements and equippede with aerosol and non-aerosol lines with propellent gas reservoirs and other associated equipment including installations (all in “EX implementation” – explosion protection) and with a, so called, »Clean Room« – for filling of special products – in cases where extreme cleaning must be ensured and all other equipment, necessary for the smooth production of aerosol and non-aerosol.

Capacity: Aerosol filling lines, working in one shift, can fill approx. 2,5 million pieces per year (depending on charging volume). The capacity of the non-aerosol filling line (in one shift) is approx. 1,0 million pieces per year. We can prepare and fill larger packing units as well. Above all, we aim to fill dangerous products, since competing manufacturers (filling centres) are limited by technology and law and thus unable to do so.

Vision: Concerning our capacities, technology, equipment and above all knowledge that is result of more than 10-year long experience in production and filling of aerosols, we are able to meet all demands in that area in due time while maintaining high quality. Offering a wide array of quality products from our five areas of expertise, we can be an important partner to socially responsible companies, ready to introduce modern and effective products that would have a positive impact on health of workers and the environment.

Should you require any further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to call us at 003862 228 0851 and we will gladly help you!

MA-ECO CHEM d.o.o.
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